Using the LAURA method for Effective Communication

At the Ridgecrest Conference Center we strive to effectively communicate with all of our employees and guests.

“Did you hear what I said” is something that I think everyone has uttered at some point in their life when communicating with someone else.  Something that I have found effective for me is to think of my friend  LAURA.  Now, LAURA isn’t an actual person I know, it’s just the way I have found to remember that there are two people in all conversations.

Listen – Listen to what the other person is saying to you.

Ask – Ask questions to clarify what was said to you.

Understand – Be sure you understand what was said, take a few minutes to absorb if needed.

Respond – Respond appropriately to the other person.

Ask – Ask more questions to ensure you responded appropriately.  If you did not, repeat the process.

How do you effectively communicate?  I would love to hear any strategies you’ve found effective.

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2 thoughts on “Using the LAURA method for Effective Communication”

  1. Melissa,
    Your LAURA method is great. I hope when I’m listening to someone, I’m emulating “her”.
    I once heard a Christian leader say if you’re going to be somewhere, “be all there”. Her idea was to be a full part of the experience on both the giving and the receiving end. One pet peeve I have is for someone to be “listening” to me with his or her eyes darting around to see whom they might be missing by being fully absorbed in the conversation.
    I seek to block out other distractions and interruptions and focus solely on the person I’m speaking to, listening with great intensity like I’m going to have to pass a test on my recall later. I also (ingrained in a teaching from my childhood years) almost never interrupt two people talking. Seems commonplace to do so today – even in church circles.
    Sometimes interactive phrases like, “uh-huh”, “that’s right” or “really?” Help keep one focused.
    Thanks for the good communication reminders!

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