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10 Innovative Ways to Utilize SMS at Your Next Event or Conference

Oct 25, 2023

10 Innovative Ways to Utilize SMS at Your Next Event or Conference

SMS (Short Message Service) is a widely accessible and effective communication tool that can be leveraged in diverse ways to make your event unforgettable. Integrating SMS into your event strategy can significantly enhance engagement and attendees’ experience. Continue reading for ten ways to utilize SMS at your next event or conference.

Event Reminders and Updates

Keeping attendees informed about event schedules, changes, or last-minute updates is crucial. SMS can serve as a real-time notification system, ensuring attendees are up-to-date and on time.

Registration and Ticketing

Simplify the registration and ticketing process by allowing attendees to register or purchase tickets via SMS. This can streamline the entry process and reduce queue times.

Daily Devotionals or Scripture

Encourage your conference-goers while they are at your event with daily digital devotionals or scripture reading delivered via SMS. Highlight your conference topic(s) by highlighting scriptures and devotions corresponding with the event theme. 

Feedback and Surveys

Understanding attendee satisfaction and improving future events is the number one reason to ask for feedback from eventgoers. SMS surveys can assist you in gathering opinions, suggestions, and insights from participants, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for upcoming events.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Encourage attendees to actively engage in Q&A sessions by allowing them to submit their questions via SMS. Display questions in real-time during panel discussions, making the event interactive and engaging.

Sponsorship and Advertisements

Incorporate SMS to deliver sponsored messages or advertisements, promoting event sponsors, exhibitors, or special offers. This provides a direct channel to showcase sponsors and adds value to their partnership.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitate networking by using SMS to connect attendees with similar interests. Send targeted messages suggesting potential connections or arranging meetups, helping attendees maximize their networking experience.

Gamification and Contests

Integrate SMS into event gamification by organizing contests or scavenger hunts. Send participants clues, challenges, and updates via SMS, encouraging engagement and excitement throughout the event.

Emergency Communication

Ensure the safety and well-being of attendees by utilizing SMS for emergency notifications or updates during the event. SMS can be a critical tool for distributing important information quickly.

Post-Event Follow-ups

Extend the engagement beyond the event by sending post-event SMS messages, expressing gratitude, sharing highlights, or providing links to post-event materials. This can help maintain a connection and foster long-term relationships.

SMS can take your events to the next level– Enhancing communication, increasing engagement, and leaving your attendees feeling more satisfied. We hope these ten tips have inspired you to consider integrating SMS into your next event planning strategy. 


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