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10 Strategies to Boost Post-Event Response Rate

May 24, 2023

After an event ends, it can feel defeating to receive little to no feedback from your attendees. In this blog post, we will share strategies to increase survey responses after an event:

  1. Timing is everything: Send the survey promptly after the event while it’s still fresh in your attendees’ minds. Waiting too long to send may lead to decreased response rates.
  2. Personalized invitations: We all long to be acknowledged– your guests are no different. Personalize each survey invitation by addressing participants by name and mentioning their specific involvement in the event. Doing so can give attendees a sense of significance and increase engagement.
  3. Clear and concise communication: Communicate the purpose, relevance, and benefits of participating in the survey. Explain how their feedback will be used to improve future events.
  4. Keep it short: Design a concise survey with relevant questions. Long surveys can be overwhelming and discourage participation. Focus on collecting essential information that will provide valuable insights.
  5. Mobile-friendly design: Ensure the survey is optimized for mobile devices since many people prefer to complete surveys on their smartphones or tablets. Responsive design and easy navigation can improve the user experience and encourage participation.
  6. Multiple reminder emails: Send friendly reminders about the survey to participants who haven’t responded. Consider sending a series of reminder emails at strategic intervals to gently encourage participation without being too intrusive.
  7. Incentives or rewards: Offer small incentives, such as discount codes or freebies, to encourage participants to complete the survey. Ensure the rewards are relevant to the event and appealing to the target audience.
  8. Thank-you message: Show appreciation for participants’ time and feedback by sending a thank-you email after they complete the survey. Express how valuable their input is and how it will help improve future events.
  9. Gamification elements: Introduce gamification elements within the survey, such as progress bars, visual cues, or interactive features. These small visual elements can make the survey experience more enjoyable, keep participants engaged, and increase completion rates.
  10. Offer alternative response options: Provide multiple response options, including online forms, email replies, or phone interviews. Allowing participants choice in the survey method can boost response rates.

Remember, the key is to make the survey process as convenient, engaging, and rewarding as possible for participants. Implementing these strategies to increase survey responses will help your team gather valuable insights to enhance future events.


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