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Six Things Your Ministry Can Learn From Disney

Oct 31, 2019

I read a great article this week on what our ministries can learn from Disney.  Here are some points that I thought we’re particularly interesting.  Walt Disney lived to bring joy to others-but he was also an incredibly driven, principled, precise and visionary leader.  Look at how his principles can impact  leaders, dreamers and ministers.

Work diligently. Bring out the best in others.

· Do you have a go-the-extra-mile attitude?

· Do you help people discover their gifts and use them?

· Do you make the people around you better?

· Who are you mentoring right now?

Maintain a commitment to excellence.

· What qualifies as “excellent” in your ministry? What doesn’t?

· Are you content with “good enough”?

· Do people associate excellence with your ministry?

Create a place families can experience together.

· Does your ministry provide experiences families can enjoy together?

· How do you equip parents to explore faith with their children outside church walls?

· How can you make your church a more welcoming environment for families with children?

Remember that ministry is all about the people.

· Do first-time guests have a great experience?

· Do people at your church feel loved and cared for?

· Do you put people before rules?

Remember that it’s not just about brainpower.

· Do you depend on God’s strength or your own?

· Are you working where God gifted you?

· Do you make yourself available to God?

Make people smile.

· Do people enter your doors with a spirit of anticipation?

· Do people smile and have fun?

· Do people say your services or programs are boring?


  1. Lemuel C.

    Today was a cold rainey day in Chicago and I had time to read all your blogs. The Disney blog gave me a good inter/external examination of Morning Star’s ministry. I need to improve/work on some things while maintaining the seriousness and urgency to equip the church.
    Thank you,

    • Melissa Inman

      I’m glad you had a chance to visit our blog today and hope you will come back often.

  2. Mike Gilbert


    • Byron Hill

      Thanks Mike. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Ron Moore

    I have been told that the number one priority at Disney is customer safety. If people don’t feel safe, then they will not have a good time or smile or want to come back. We need to make sure people feel that our churches are a safe environment both physically and emotionally. They should feel that the church is a safe place to share feelings and to ask questions about faith and religion.

    • Byron Hill

      Ron, good connection. I believe it’s also critical that our churches are friendly and welcoming. Too many times churches fall into the trap of only being friendly and welcoming to their members. We need to always be putting ourselves in the shoes of the first time visitor asking, “why would I come back to this church?”.


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