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Ridgecrest Update for Event Planners

Apr 30, 2020

Executive Director, Art Snead provides an update on Ridgecrest Conference Center. (Script below)

I know our team has been in touch with many of you over the past month, but I wanted to personally reach out with a couple of updates.

COVID-19 has forced individuals and organizations around the world to consider adjustments that might be needed moving forward. For example, we know that conferences and events will look different coming out of COVID-19, both in the short and possibly long terms, so we’re preparing plans that will enable us to host guests and events safely and effectively in that new normal. It’s added an entirely new dimension to our purposeful hospitality focus in many areas: cleaning and sanitizing protocols, food service, event streaming capabilities, meeting room capacities and setups, physical distancing strategies, check-in processes, and more. We’ll be ready for you and your attendees when restrictions are eased.
We’re also praying for you. In fact, if there is something our sales team can be praying for specifically, please visit our blog and submit that prayer request. It’s always an honor and blessing for us to serve you with prayerful support, and especially now.
And, we miss you!  We are eager for the day we can again host and serve you and your attendees with excellence and grace.  

In these unprecedented circumstances, we remain strongly committed to our mission of cultivating experiences, nurturing relationships, and impacting lives for God’s glory. We miss you, we’re praying for you, we’re preparing for you, we’ll be ready for you, and we look forward to seeing you soon. May God keep you healthy, safe, and focused on Him.


  1. Shane Watson

    Thank you for the update, love it up there. Psalm 34:8

  2. Larry Mizell

    Thanks for the update.

  3. John Hopler

    I know this has been a challenging time for those working in camps and event centers like Ridgecrest. I am praying for you and your wonderful team at Ridgecrest.

  4. Missy Ault

    Thank you for sharing this. Prayers that you and yours are doing well especially during this challenging time.

  5. Jamey Campbell

    Thanks, Annette. This is encouraging.

  6. Mark Selby

    Thanks for the update on Ridgecrest! We do plan to visit there again as early as this summer. Of course that depends on the situation with the Coronavirus. Ridgecrest is a special place for Baptists and we will continue to pray that it is never closed.

  7. John Payne

    We are praying for you guys during this transition.

  8. Juel Grevenstuk

    Wow! This health crisis is having such a serious impact on so many things. I get that this note is not a direct result of the pandemic. Closing all events through the end of May has got to hurt.

  9. Larry Collins

    A very good update. Thankful to hear from you. It sounds like Ridgecrest remains productive well into the future.. a great meeting location.

  10. Charity Muriuki

    Thank You so much for the update and we continue to pray for current the situation because he is faithful .

  11. Donna Britt

    So sorry to hear the news about Ridgecrest. Praying for you during these days of uncertainty!

  12. Ben

    The world as we know it has changed already, and even more change is ahead. Our venue and form of ministry may also be recreated, as we are likewise being recreated at the pleasure of the King of Kings. I thank God for the tenderness of your spirit as you have engaged in Kingdom service. It has been a privilege to serve Christ alongside you for these recent years. I pray His sweetest blessings will be upon your future!

  13. DorothyAnn

    Something I truly know and have learned from my life’s journey up to this time, is that God is in charge and all will go according to His will/plan, and not mine. I must admit, I am an eternal optimist and I trust that God will do what He deems best for all of us. So based on that trust, I look forward to seeing you in August.

    It is amazing that the whole world is affected by this pandemic. So many changes that impact everyone. I’m grateful for you and your team there and all that you are, have done in the past, and will do for us again. In the meantime, continue to stay safe and protected from the virus. I pray for you, your family, and all at Ridgecrest for God’s loving care and blessings with each passing day. God bless you and keep you!


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