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Engaging Your Church to Pray for Students at Camp

Apr 24, 2024

Camp holds immense potential for students, often serving as a transformative time where they encounter profound spiritual growth. It’s a time when many commit their lives to Christ, discover a calling to ministry, or deepen their relationship with God. As a church, one of the most powerful ways to support youth is through prayer—before, during, and after their camp experience. Here are three practical strategies to encourage your church to pray for students, along with specific prayer prompts.

Utilize Text/Email Reminders

Life gets busy, and amidst the hustle, it’s easy for prayer commitments to slip our minds. Employ a texting or email service to send reminders at a designated time each day. This simple gesture keeps the importance of prayer for students at the forefront of your congregation’s minds.

Assign Specific Students

Personalization fosters deeper engagement. Write the first names of all attending students on separate pieces of paper and allow church members, couples, and families to select a name randomly. This way, each participant commits to praying fervently for the specific student they’ve chosen throughout the duration of camp.

Create Prayer Guides

Equip your church members with prayer guides containing specific prompts tailored for the camp period. Distribute these guides before camp commences, encouraging individuals to place them in visible spots at home—such as in their Bibles or on their fridge—to serve as daily reminders. These prompts direct prayers towards crucial aspects of the camp experience.

Here are ten specific prayer prompts to guide your congregation’s intercession:

  1. Pray for receptive hearts among the students, that they may attentively listen to God’s word and embrace it.

2. Ask for courage and boldness for students as they make potentially life-changing decisions during camp.

3. Petition for the safety of both students and leaders throughout their journey to and from camp.

4. Pray for God-honoring friendships to be made among students.

5. Pray for focus and minimal distractions, enabling students to concentrate on the truths being taught.

6. Lift up the camp leaders, asking for wisdom and discernment as they guide and mentor students.

7. Pray for a palpable sense of God’s presence, leading to conviction and repentance where needed in the students’ lives.

8. Ask for harmony and minimal conflict among the students, fostering a peaceful camp environment.

9. Intercede for the speakers and worship team, that they may effectively convey God’s message and lead in authentic worship.

10. Plead for the salvation of students who have yet to know God personally, that they may encounter His love and grace.

Camp holds the potential to be a pivotal, life-changing experience for youth. Engaging your church community in prayer can be the best way to support students. May these strategies and prayer prompts inspire and empower your congregation to faithfully intercede for students before, during, and after their camp journey.


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