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Fireside Finesse: Elevating Your Conference or Retreat with Meaningful Fire Ring Activities

Feb 28, 2024

Few things are more relaxing, comforting, or connecting than sitting around a campfire with friends. Something about the crisp night air and the warmth of the flames gives space for deep conversation and thoughtful fellowship. Keep reading for three meaningful uses for fire rings for your next event or conference. 

Testimony Sharing

One significant use of fire ring time is for testimony sharing. Sitting around a fire in the ambiance of nature encourages honesty and self-reflection.  Invite your attendees to share what God has done or is currently doing in their lives. A campfire’s dim light and intimate setting provide attendees with a safe space to share what may be more difficult on a stage or in front of a crowd. 


What is more classic than singing songs around a campfire? Consider using fire ring time as another avenue for worship. Use this space in the schedule to sing acoustic songs of praise together as a group. Your attendees will feel a deep authenticity in worship while surrounded by God’s creation. It can help them feel closer to God and more attuned to hear his voice.  

Fellowship & Deep Conversations

Campfires lend themselves to fellowship and time for guests to connect in a low-stakes setting. Use this time in your event schedule to encourage conversations that go beyond surface level. In addition to offering s’mores, pass out conversation starters to assist in “breaking the ice”. Who knows, maybe your guests will walk away with a new friend or two!  

We hope these three ideas have sparked your creativity. Whether you host a testimony-sharing or worship session or want to encourage deep conversation, a campfire can be a great addition to your retreat. If you are looking for an event venue that offers fire ring rentals, consider Ridgecrest Conference Center. Ridgecrest offers three separate fire rings nestled throughout the campus. If you want to learn more about our fire ring rentals and host an event with us, call us at (828) 669.8022.


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