How To Offer A Yoga Class At Your Next Event

Yoga is a type of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation. After a single session participants experience benefits like lower blood pressure and improved mood. Yoga is popular in the United States and can be a nice benefit to offer to your event participants.

One major advantage of yoga at event locations is that it doesn’t require the expensive/heavy equipment other exercise often requires. To have a class you need an instructor, space for each participant to move without bumping in to the person next to them and a yoga mat for each person. Ta da- you’re set for a yoga class.

Here’s a few things you need to know:

  1. Find an experienced instructor. Talk to people you know who attend yoga classes regularly. They’ll probably have a recommendation for a good instructor. If you don’t know anyone- call a local yoga studio and talk to the owner. You need someone who has several years of experience teaching. Be sure to ask if he/she has mats and other equipment necessary for the class.
  2. Discuss the objective of the class you want to offer. I’d recommend you request a 45-60 minute class that focuses on gentle flow, breathing,stretching and stress relief. Who doesn’t enjoy stress relief? If you’re planning a faith based event, tell the instructor that. A yoga practice sometimes includes references to an Eastern belief system, ask the instructor if they are comfortable leading a class that does not include those references.
  3. Plan for beginners. Don’t offer a class with complicated poses that only experienced yogi’s can hold–unless most of your event attendees attend yoga regularly.
  4. Let attendees know you’ll be offering the class before they arrive. They can look forward to the class, and also bring appropriate clothing and their own yoga mat if they have one.
  5. Choose an appropriate time slot. Big meals and yoga don’t mix. Morning and evening are common times for yoga. Before breakfast at 630 am or mid-morning at 10 am after breakfast has settled. I’ve also attended evening yoga sessions at 7, 8, and 9 pm.

Yoga can be a wonderful perk to add to your event. And it requires only a small investment: the fee for one instructor, and setting aside a nice space. If you can, go and attend a class with the instructor you hire. This will help you understand their style, and also see what a class and it’s space is like. Don’t forget to let your attendees know the treat you have in store for them, yoga can be a major draw!

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