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How To Create an Event Summary Sheet For Your Guests

Sep 9, 2021

Going to a conference or other event often sends guests into information overload. I’ve heard it said that conference attendees are receiving information through a fire-hose, information gushing out at them at a rate they can’t retain or even process. What if you gave guests a way to centralize the information they were collecting, on a single sheet of paper?

Not only would the act of filling out the sheet help them identify and better retain the information they were receiving, it will also be a great reference later. (Studies have shown that summarizing information helps us remember it better.) So, what might you include? I’ve created a list here of things you could include, you would need to tweak this to make it perfect for your particular event.

  • Name of Event:
  • Topic:
  • Main Speaker:
  • Takeaway principles and lessons from main sessions:
  • Breakout session ideas/tips I want to remember:
  • Names of new contacts/their information:
  • Books/magazines/articles to find:
  • Follow up Actions After Conference:

Feel free to use this summary sheet information, distribute it, etc. It is for your use and enjoyment. What other ways might you help your attendees deal with the glut of information they receive? You could: provide them with a nice place to keep collected business cards, always have lots of pens and paper handy, or give structured time for reflection and processing. How do you help your guests with this task of processing and remembering information at a conference?


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