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Helpful Hints for Creating Rooming Lists

Nov 11, 2021

For some event planners, creating a rooming list can be a daunting task.  Rooming requests, special rooming needs and the desire to please guests with roommate assignments can be the perfect mixture for a stressful situation.  Here are a few helpful hints for your next rooming lists assignments.

  1. Check with your host center location to see if there are specific housing assignment forms you need to use.  If not, an Excel spreadsheet is a very easy way to organize your guests into rooms.
  2. Make sure your guests are up-front about specific rooming needs they may have.  Accessible rooms, first floor rooms, rooms near exits or adjoining rooms might be requested.  These needs must be shared with the host location, as well, as soon as you are made aware of them.  There is often no guarantee for these specific rooms as there are limited types available, but if you make them aware early, the chances for meeting these requests are greater.
  3. Know what room types you have and clearly communicate this with your guests.  Four guests to a room could mean a number of different configurations – two sets of bunkbeds, two queen beds, four single beds, etc.  Women and senior adults typically do not want to use a top bunk.  Men often prefer a bed to themselves.  Know your audience and adjust your room assignments accordingly.  If someone is adamant about having a room to himself or herself, offer this to them if there is availability at an increased cost to cover the remainder of the room.
  4. Honor roommate requests when you can, especially if the person attending is a guest of another.  It’s always best if both participants request each other, rather than one person requesting another person without that person knowing.  You can also limit the number of room requests each participant has.  Use your discretion.
  5. Decide before your event how you will handle room changes.  Can guests switch on their own?  Do they need to come to you to make changes?  Are changes allowed?

In order to eliminate extra headaches when working through rooming assignments, select one person (other than yourself) to take charge of housing.  All requests and changes should go directly through this person.  Communicate this clearly to your guests.  By taking this off your very full event plate, you can concentrate on planning details rather than ever-changing rooming list spreadsheets.


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