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Custom Catering for Your Events, Conferences and Banquets


Ridgecrest can help you design your custom banquet for a more intimate atmosphere. The event catering staff will work with you to customize each banquet, reception, fellowship or break to meet your group’s specific needs.

We offer a wonderful variety of delicious menu selections. Event planners can choose between plated meals or traditional buffet-style. Catered breaks and fellowships can also be arranged to keep conferees refreshed throughout their event or meeting.

All special catered events, including snack orders, fire rings, and recreation events, are scheduled through our Event Coordination Department. Simply contact your assigned Event Coordinator.

  • All catered events require a minimum of 20 guests and should be scheduled no later than 16 days prior to event.
  • Guaranteed numbers for all catered events are due to your Event Coordinator one week prior to event.
  • Events requiring labor after 10:00 p.m. will incur additional labor charges of $20/hour per staff person working the event.
  • Banquets in excess of 2 hours will incur additional labor charges of $20/hour per staff person working the event.
  • Catering rates do not include 20% service charge.
  • A $250.00 fee applies to all catered events requested in any outdoor venues.
  • Food or beverages not catered by or purchased from Ridgecrest Conference Center are not permissible.
  • If a group would like to provide pre-packaged snacks for their attendees, the pre-packaged snacks need to be on the approved snack list and a $1/person fee will be charged for each person attending the conference/retreat. Please consult your Event Coordinator for approved snacks. If snacks or beverages are not approved and are brought into the conference space, the group will be charged a $250 fee per conference room where food is served, in addition to the $1 per person charge. Thank you for your cooperation.

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