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Commit to This Mid-Year Resolution

Jun 10, 2021

It’s hard to find time to stay healthy. It takes daily scheduling and effort, both of which can be difficult to muster in our busy lives! But if you don’t commit to being a good steward of yourself- your spiritual and physical health, you will feel the consequences. And they won’t be enjoyable. So if you’re willing to make a mid-year resolution, to spend a little time each day on YOUR health, here are some tips to help you move forward.

  1. Read a chapter of Proverbs each day for a month. There are 31 chapters in this “book of wisdom” so you can just find the number that matches up with the date and get started. After you read, spend five or ten minutes writing out your thoughts and prayers. It helps you focus, and later you can go back and see how God has moved and answered.
  2. Get walking. Maybe you’ve been avoiding exercise because you can’t afford a gym membership, you don’t have the right clothes, or your schedule is too packed to fit in the class you want to take. Just start walking! No special equipment, memberships or time slots. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to be outside and moving. The benefits of walking daily are numerous, from lowering your cholesterol, to trimming fat, to preventing disease, dementia and osteoporosis.
  3. Stop stopping at the drive-thru. Convenience food is absolutely the worst option for your health. It’s easy, but loaded with sugar, salt, food dyes, fat, etc. But you probably can’t have home-prepared meals ready every time you need to eat, so what do you do? Locate grocery stores in your area with a salad bar or cafe. We have a local spot that offers a fresh salad and fruit bar, plus four different hot soups from 7 am until 9 pm. In the time it would take you to drive through, you can pop in, build a healthy meal, and pop out. For those new to the salad bar world, be sure to include a protein, like beans or grilled chicken on your salad, to give you the energy to get through to the next meal.

Will you make a mid-year’s resolution to commit some time to your health? It will pay big dividends in energy and well-being in the weeks ahead. You are precious to our God and are called to be a steward of your resources, which includes– you. What do you do to stay spiritually and physically healthy?


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