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Christian Marriage Retreat Activities: 5 Ways to Bring Couples Together

Jan 26, 2024

Marriage is a sacred bond that requires continuous effort, understanding, and commitment from both partners. In the busyness of daily life, couples often find it challenging to nurture their relationship and spiritual connection. This is where marriage retreats come into play, offering couples the opportunity to step away from their normal routine, focus on their relationship, and deepen their faith together. These faith-based retreats often incorporate a range of activities that cater to spiritual growth and relationship enrichment. In this article, we will explore some meaningful activities that you can include in your next Christian marriage retreat or event.

Self-guided Prayer Walk

Encourage attendees to take a self-guided prayer walk together. Throughout the location of your event space, include signs that list topics to pray for together as a couple. Include topics such as family, church, community, and each other.


Getting out in nature is a great way for your attendees to connect with God and their spouses. Hiking together will encourage conversation and teamwork among couples. Even a short hike will allow them an opportunity to admire God’s creation together and work together to achieve a goal.

Worship & Bible Study

No Christian conference is complete without times of worship and study of God’s word. Consider scheduling time for couples to have Bible study together as well as in a group setting during your retreat. Allowing time for your attendees to grow in their personal faith as well as grow together as a couple.


Day-to-day life can be draining for married couples- work, family, and ministry responsibilities can leave little time to relax. Adding relaxation activities to your event can reduce the stress of the couples in attendance and allow them to make memories that they will cherish for years to come. Consider providing a spa experience, campfire, or craft that couples can experience together.


Recreation provides your attendees with opportunities to connect with their partners through games and other team-building activities. Offer high ropes or rock-climbing excursions that challenge couples to step outside their comfort zones and work together to accomplish a goal.

Christian marriage retreats offer couples a unique opportunity to strengthen their bond, deepen their faith, and prioritize their relationship in a spiritually enriching environment. Through prayer, interactive activities, relaxation, and recreation, couples can rediscover joy, intimacy, and purpose in their marriage. We hope these five ideas have encouraged you in planning your next marriage event.


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