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Choosing a Conference Theme: 7 Ideas to Inspire You

Mar 22, 2023

Themes can bring cohesion to an event, drive home a central message, and make your event more fun! Bring your event to life and set the tone for the entire experience by choosing a theme that fits your needs and goals. The theme you choose for your next Christian conference can help direct the event planning, marketing, and drive audience engagement. In this article, we will explore seven faith-based themes for your next event. 

  1. “Renewed in Christ”: Focus on being made new in Christ and the transformative power of his grace and mercy. Remind attendees that they are a new creation in Christ.   
  1. “Living Water”: Explore the concept of Jesus as the source of living water and the ways in which he nourishes believers. Unpack what it means to be filled in Christ and how Christians can find true fulfillment in him.   
  1. “Walking in Faith”: Encourage attendees to deepen their faith and trust God’s plan for their lives. Challenge them to take steps of bold faith as they walk in obedience.   
  1. “Boldly Proclaiming Christ”: Challenge attendees to boldly share their faith and live out their beliefs in their daily lives. Explore what it means to be a disciple living out the Great Commission.   
  1. “Building Community in Christ”: Explore the importance of building strong, supportive Christian communities and the ways in which we can encourage one another in our faith journeys. Challenge attendees to cultivate godly relationships and encourage finding accountability.   
  1. “Living a Life of Servanthood”: Guide attendees through the stories of Jesus’ servant leadership in the New Testament. Challenge guests to serve like Christ— humbly and without expecting anything in return.   
  1. “Finding Peace in the Busyness”: Encourage attendees to slow down and prioritize resting in God. Base this theme around what the Bible teaches about finding peace in Jesus and releasing burdens to him.   

We hope these ideas have sparked your creativity as you plan your next Christian conference. No matter what theme you choose for your next event, make it unique and memorable for your attendees.


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