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AI in Event Planning: 3 Ways to Streamline Communication

Apr 12, 2023

Turn on the TV, log onto social media, or read a news website– you don’t have to look far to find someone talking about AI (artificial intelligence) and all the ways it can simplify our lives. There is no denying that AI has already begun to change how we work, play, and interact with the world around us. Can AI be helpful in event planning? Continue reading as we explore three ways AI can streamline event planning communications and marketing.

AI Chatbots
Attendees will inevitably have questions leading up to and during the event. Questions concerning sessions, parking, check-in, and local restaurants are likely. AI chatbots can instantly answer these questions in real time with responses mimicking human conversation. Chatbots allow your attendees to receive immediate answers instead of waiting for a reply from a team member, which increases the guest experience. Eventbot, Capacity, and SpotMe are three AI chatbot services specially designed for event communications.

AI Writing Assistants
Not a copywriter? No worries! Whether you need breakout session descriptions, landing page content, email announcements, or social media captions, AI can assist you with crafting the perfect copy.

Use online tools like ChatGBT,, or to assist you in creating engaging articles and blurbs that stand out. Type in the key elements of the piece you would like written into the AI software (like time, location, or speakers of the event) and receive a written copy in seconds.

AI Marketing Content Creation
Engaging digital marketing content can capture the attention of potential attendees or discourage them from attending altogether. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer, you can upscale your event marketing with AI-generated content.

Canva, a free online graphic design software, has introduced a new tool, “Magic Design.” Upload photos, brand color palette, and text into the software, and it will generate downloadable social media posts, presentation slides, and flyers instantly— no graphic designer needed.

Whether you need assistance communicating with attendees, copywriting, or designing promotional content, AI has you covered. We hope you can utilize these AI tools as you plan your next event.


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