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Add Value To Your Faith-Based Event With Community

Jan 14, 2022

What if the local community that will surround your next event was holding people, churches and organizations that would be incredibly valuable to those attending your event?  I think it is!  Here’s how:

  • Local People can bring practical experience and or expertise to your event.  Their stories are as varied as their fingerprints.  Identify your list of qualifications and start asking around at local universities, organizations and churches.  “Who is active in this area of work/ministry/teaching?”  You’ll find a few names and can begin doing some research on them.
  • Local Organizations.  For and not for profit organizations exist for particular goals.  Do any of those goals line up with your next event?  Think outside the box.  Perhaps a particular organization makes and sells construction equipment, so you get ready to cross them off your list.  But looking at their website you see they have a vibrant community involvement and build a Habitat House every year, with 100% involvement from their employees.  Or, maybe they have an expertise in training that they could bring to your attendees.  Dig a little!
  • Local Church leaders and members can talk about particular issues and how their church is handling them.  What has worked and what hasn’t in local community outreach, member discipleship and children’s ministry?  These churches have stories of faith, struggle, loss and success.  Take a look at their web page and schedule a phone conversation with a pastor or leader if you think the church might fit into your next event.

Why look locally?  You could find these resources and “fly them in” right? Well, yes.  And sometimes you need to.   But we suggest you consider this local option, especially if more than half of your event guests live close to the event location.  If so, you can help them create connections that will benefit them long term.  Another plus?  Local experts, trainers and organizations don’t need lodging, or a travel expense account. It’s also incredibly helpful to see organizations, churches and people from one local area talk about the same issue from different sides.  The context it creates is very multi-faceted and real. Enjoy the treasure hunt of looking locally first.  And share you stories of success with us!


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