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6 Ways to Use QR Codes for Your Next Event

Feb 24, 2023

QR codes have seemingly taken the world by storm, and rightfully so. When scanned by a smartphone camera, these individualized codes can direct users to a website, landing page, or online form. Their simplicity and variety of uses make them a perfect addition to your promotional event materials.

  1. Gauge interest before your event

QR codes are a great way to gain insight into how many people are interested in attending your event. Place a QR code on promotional materials—flyers, brochures, or stickers to lead viewers to your event landing page. You can gauge interest by tracking the number of scans the QR code receives.

Guide attendees during the event with the following three uses:

2. Venue/Campus Map

Navigating a new place can be tricky. Use QR codes to direct guests to a digital venue map so they can easily find their way to breakout sessions, general assemblies, or dining halls.

3. Event Schedule

When given a choice, most of your guests would rather have a printed event schedule over a digital one. However, accidents happen, and it is inevitable that guests will tear, lose, or spill coffee on their copy. Consider placing QR codes in prominent locations throughout the event venue that direct attendees to a digital schedule.

4. Breakout Session Descriptions

Save money on printing by forgoing breakout session descriptions in your event program. Instead, give guests a QR code that directs them to a digital list of breakout session descriptions.

5. Speaker Bios

Similarly, you can save money by removing speaker bios in your event program. Instead, use a QR code to lead attendees to a landing page with speaker bios. Along with the bio, you can also include the speaker’s social media handles or other relevant links that will allow your guests to interact with the speaker long after the event. 

6. Gather feedback after the event

If you want to know what your attendees enjoyed or found challenging during the event, you can ask them to share their thoughts. A simple way to collect this data is by using a QR code. Create a code that directs attendees to an online survey where they can leave their feedback about the event.

QR codes can assist you in various ways through each stage of the event planning process. Have you ever utilized QR codes for an event? Comment below and share your favorite ways to use them.


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