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5 Ways To Engage Your Church Members This Summer

Jun 11, 2024

Summer is a season of warmth, relaxation, and often, a shift in routine. For many churches, these months present unique challenges in keeping their congregations engaged. Attendance and participation can drop with vacations, sporting activities, and the general allure of sunny weather. However, with creativity and strategic planning, churches can turn summer into an opportunity for spiritual growth and community building. Here are five effective ways to keep your church family engaged during the summer.

1. Embrace the Outdoors

Outdoor Services and Events: Take advantage of the pleasant weather by holding services, picnics, or fellowship events outside. Outdoor worship can be refreshing and a change of pace from the regular indoor setting. Consider organizing events like barbecues, potlucks, or family fun days in a local park.

2. Flexible and Short-Term Small Groups

Form small groups that meet during the summer with a more flexible schedule. These could focus on specific interests or activities such as book clubs, hiking groups, or Bible studies that meet at coffee shops or homes. Short-term commitments can be appealing during the busy summer months.

3. Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Summer Camps

Hosting a Vacation Bible School or summer camps for children and youth can be a major draw for families. These programs not only engage the children in your church but also provide volunteer opportunities for adults and teens. VBS can be an exciting, thematic experience that children look forward to every year.

4. Leveraging Technology

Online Services and Devotionals: For members traveling or on vacation, providing online services or weekly devotionals can help them stay connected. Live-streaming Sunday services or creating a library of recorded sermons and worship music can be particularly effective.

Social Media Engagement: Use social media to inform and engage your congregation. Share uplifting messages, updates about church events, and interactive content like polls or discussion questions. Encouraging members to share their summer experiences and how they’re incorporating faith can also build a sense of community online.

5. Family and Youth Activities

Plan activities that involve the whole family, such as movie nights, sports tournaments, or family retreats. For the youth, consider organizing mission trips, camps, or leadership training programs to help them grow in faith while having fun.

Summer doesn’t have to be a season of spiritual drought. Embrace its unique opportunities and keep your members engaged and growing in their faith. Whether through outdoor activities, flexible small groups, or leveraging technology, the key is to stay connected and creative. With thoughtful planning and a willingness to adapt, your church can thrive and grow its impact during the summer months. We encourage you to engage, inspire, and enjoy the summer with your church family. Let this season be one of growth, community, and discipleship.


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