Speaker - Russel and Kristi Johnson

Russell and Kristi Johnson

What People Are Saying about Russell and Kristi Johnson:

“Russell and Kristi Johnson combine excellent music, spiritual insight and incredible warmth to provide memorable worship leadership.” – Hal Hill, Camp Director, Campus By The Sea – Avalon, CA

“They are wonderful! Russell and Kristi are truly gifts from God. Their artistic talent leads folks to a deeper devotion to the Lord and it inspires those around them to fall in love with Jesus Christ. I’ve been blessed by their leading in worship as well as their expressions of compassion, creativity and love. They are a blessing!” -Greg Anderson, Associate Pastor – Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Russell and Kristi are simply the BEST!” -David Welch, Director – Emmaus Road Partners & Former State Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes – South Carolina

“Sometimes in ministry, as an older generation, you wander what happens next. But every time I am with these two I am aware that good stuff is ahead! Their love of worship and their love for folks is only obvious because of their love for Jesus. I pray that I will be with them again soon because of the way they lead me to worship.” – Ken Smith, Speaker/Pastor – Ken Smith Ministries, Tallahassee, FL

“I commend Russell and Kristi to you as a couple with deep Christian commitment.” – Dr. Bobby Bailey, Director of Missions, Charleston, SC

“Music of the heart from a couple ‘after God’s own heart.’ The very best in their field, Russell and Kristi bring ministry off the platform and into our lives. They intentionally spend time with each of us in their audience in order to know better how to minister to us. A rarity in today’s Christian music scene.” -David Bennett, Editor – LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville TN

Russell and Kristi are also endorsed by the North American Mission Board (NAMB).

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