Ridgecrest’s Complimentary Recreation Area

Recreation Area


Many of Ridgecrest’s recreational activities are available to our guests at no additional charge. Equipment is available complimentary for guests to check out at either the main Rec Shack (near the recreation fields) or at the registration desk in Pritchell. Guests will only be charged if the equipment is damaged or not returned, replacement value only. Hours of operation for the Rec Shack vary by season and campus occupancy.

Complimentary recreational options include: 

  • Softball
  • Basketball (gymnasium)
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball (gymnasium or outdoor sand)
  • Fishing (bring own gear)
  • Disc Golf

For a modest fee, we offer:

  • Miniature Golf ($4 per guest)
  • Wii Rental ($75 per day)
  • Fire Ring ($75 per use, reserved through Event Coordination)


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Call (828) 669.4844 for more information. Reservations are not required for the Recreation Area.

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