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Planning a retreat can be stressful, even for the most seasoned event professionals. Our event team knows what it takes to pull off a successful event, and we’ll walk side-by-side with you to help you plan and prepare for your retreat.

Our Sales Team will get you started, helping you select dates, accommodations, meeting room and auditorium needs and pricing. They will walk through all that Ridgecrest has to offer to make your upcoming retreat the best it can be.

Once an event agreement is signed, you will be assigned a designated Event Coordinator to help you coordinate everything from audiovisual requests, catering needs and pricing, to auditorium and conference room set-up requirements, recreational options and more.

If you are new to event planning, you may find our Event Planning 101 guide to be helpful in getting started. It’s full of helpful tips for planning and executing your upcoming retreat. When you are ready to begin planning your meeting, event or retreat, complete our Request for Proposal form and our sales team will contact you shortly. We look forward to serving with you!

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Psalm 72:3

May the mountains bring well-being to the people and the hills, righteousness.
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If you are ready to plan your retreat, complete our Request for Proposal form and our sales staff will contact you shortly.

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