Spilman Auditorium

Ridgecrest’s Iconic Spilman Auditorium


Auditorium: 2,000 capacity
Classrooms: 3 to 5 rooms based on desired partition usage

Spilman Auditorium is one of the iconic buildings on Ridgecrest’s grounds. From worship concerts to commissioning missionaries about to embark on a lifetime of service, this historic auditorium has hosted countless meetings with the Spirit of God at work.

One look at the sound booth conveys limitless sound, stage, lighting and special effect capabilities for this 2,000-seat facility, making it ideal for general sessions, concerts, worship services or large meetings. Spilman also contains meeting spaces large enough for any sized gathering—meetings, teaching sessions and conferences. Guests are sure to enjoy this comfortable environment to worship and connect with God and others.

Spilman Auditorium

Sound System

Mixers: Soundcraft Vi600

Input Devices:
(6) Wireless Handhelds:
(2) Shure ULXD SM87As
(2) Shure UHF SM87As
(2) Shure UHF with Earthworks WL40V capsules

Stage Monitors:
(8) Aviom A360 units with body packs
(8) Monitors upon request

(3) Powersoft X4 Dante: Main Line Arrays LCR
(1) Powersoft X4 Dante: Subwoofers
(1) Powersoft 4804 DSP+D: Rear Upper LCR Delays
(5) Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D: Upper/Under Balcony Delays, Stage Lip Fills, Choir Monitors & Stage Monitors
(1) Duecanali 804 DSP+D: Rear Under Balcony Delays LCR

Processing Gear:
Powersoft Built-in DSP via ArmoniaPlus

Main Cluster: LCR (18) EAW KF730
Under Balcony: (13) EAW MK8196
Upper Balcony: (8) EAW MK8196 and (3) EAW AX364
Stage Lip: (4) EAW UB52
Sub Woofers: (3) EAW BH622e custom order
Choir Monitors: (2) EAW MK2364

Lighting System

Console and Other Control Equipment:
Jands Vista L5
ETC Digital Address panels (booth, stage right, stage left, key-on panel in rear of the auditorium on east side)
ETC Distributed DMX Driver Unit (3 DMX OUT controllers and 1 DMX IN controller)

Moving Fixtures:
(1) Beta Spot
(8) Chauvet Q-Spots 460 LED
(8) Chauvet QWash 460 LED
(2) Elektralite Pancake RGBW v2

Non-Moving Fixtures:
Approximately (25) ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals
Approximately (28) ETC Source Four Pars
(3) Chauvet COLORdash Par-Hex 7
(8) ETC Selador Paletta 42
(2) Colorado 1 Tri Tour TOUR
(3) LED Cans
(2) American DJ MEGA panel LED

(192) ETC 2.4kw Sensor Dimmers (includes House and Stage dimmers) with ETC CEM 3 Power controllers

Connection Points:
Full console connections in control booths and in stage right closet on stage.
DMX output connections on the left and right of the stage and several locations in the catwalk.
(12) Dimmer power connections on stage level

Lighting System Technical Notes:

Our lighting fixtures are set up so that we may effectively serve all events we host. As such, we do not offer an option to move these fixtures.

Video System

(2) Eiki 800U HD Video Projectors (12,000 ANSI Lumens)

(2) Da-Lite 10’x17’ fixed screens to the left and right of the stage

Media Room Devices:
(1) BlackMagic Atem Production 4k switcher
(1) Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel
(2) Sharp 60in LED TVs
(1) Toshiba 42in TV
(1) Vizio 42in TV
(1) NEC 42in TV
(2) HR824 MK2 Studio Monitor
(2) BlackMagic Design SDI/HDMI Converters
(1) Netgear Prosafe/GS105/ Gigabit Switch
(2) Mac Desktops

Special Equipment Brought in by Performers

It is possible to use your own complete sound system in Spilman Auditorium. We can provide two electrical hook-ups for you to use, which includes one single-phase 100 amp outlet and one three-phase 200 amp outlet.

Lighting System Technical Notes

In order to best serve the needs of all of our events, we have some guidelines concerning the use of the equipment in Spilman Auditorium.

  1. Due to the location of power connections, there are a limited number of places where fixtures may be placed.
  2. Our lighting fixtures are set up so that we may effectively serve all events we host. As such, we do not offer an option to move these fixtures.
  3. Our system is versatile enough to handle many different kinds of moving fixtures and types of dimmers as long as they are DMX compatible. Remember that programming time is normally at a minimum, so using extra fixtures may or may not be possible unless we have the equipment well ahead of time.
  4. Our system is versatile enough that if an event wants to bring in their own console or computer with lighting software and hardware, we can adapt to allow the event’s lighting designer to patch into our system. However, that would render our system useless to be able to accommodate the outside equipment.

Video System Technical Notes

  1. Other video configurations may be considered if time allows before AND after an event. When events are scheduled closely together, it is difficult to re-configure the video system, but we will work with the Event Planner to find the best solution possible.
  2. Other computers may be brought in for PowerPoint or some other presentation program. You must bring your own HDMI adapter if needed.

Cue System

A “house intercom system” with several headsets is available. Intercom headsets can be positioned at or near any mic input in the auditorium. They can be used by Crew and Program personnel during programs to aid with program cues and directions. If the event should require these, the Ridgecrest technical staff must be made aware of this request at least two weeks prior to the event.


The main curtain is maroon color and can be closed when the stage apron area is to be used. There is a white cyc curtain that can be used in front of the back wall of the stage. Several black “legs” hang in the backstage area to mask instruments and activity backstage.


Five rigging trusses are located on stage. Three of our trusses are used for our current light positions and cannot be used to hang banners. All rigging points are motorized and easily controlled.


All banners should have grommets (eyelets sewn or attached at the edges) – one in each corner and all along the top with a maximum distance of 24 inches between grommets. Banners with only a sleeve sewn into the top will sag in the middle. Only banners less than 15 feet side to side can be hung in front of the main curtain. Larger banners up to a maximum length of 40 feet (side to side) must be hung from the third or fifth rigging truss. Larger banners can sometimes interfere with backstage lighting.


The auditorium features a Yamaha AvantGrand N3X grand piano. This piano remains on stage at all times. Please submit a special request along with your stage plot and input list to use this piano with at least 2 weeks advance notice. No tuning fee is applicable or necessary as this is a digital hybrid grand piano.

A drum set, designed specifically for Spilman Auditorium, is available for rent. More information is available here.

The sound system has been designed to accommodate any type of organ that is brought in by the vendor. We have worked with Allen Organs to design an organ-friendly system that can interface with any type of organ. We will only need an XLR or 1/4” output from the organ.

Emergency Situations

In case of power failure, an emergency generator will power a few emergency auditorium lights, exit lights and stairwell lights. The generator does not supply electricity to the sound and stage lighting. North Carolina State law requires Event Planners to notify event attendees of the location of emergency exits in their meeting space.

Spilman Auditorium Statistics

Interior Dimensions — 163’ x 95’
(rear wall to back stage wall x side wall to side wall) — 163’ x 95’
Foyer — 18’ x 95’
Front Porch — 21’ x 95’
Ceiling Height (from main floor – average) — 30’
Main floor to Ceiling under Balconies — 11’ 6”
Distance between Side Balcony — 56’
Length of Side Balconies (from stage end to rear balcony) — 102’

Stage Area
Height of Stage from Main Floor — 3’ 6”
Stage to front row — 10’ 10”
Apron Depth (edge of stage to main curtain) — 15’ 6”
Full Apron Width (at main curtain) — 55’
Full Stage Depth (edge of the stage to back of stage wall) — 33’ 6”
Position of First Rigging point (front edge of stage) — 15’ 3”
Position of Second Rigging Point (from front edge of stage) — 22’ 6”
Proscenium Arch (main curtain fully opened-width x height) — 46’ 19’
Backstage Width — 60’ 4”
Stage Ceiling Height
(Average stage floor to lighting bars, catwalk, etc.) — 21”
Video Projection Screen Size (3) — 10’ H x 17’ W
Stage to Front Lighting Bar — 21’
(Front edge of stage to a point perpendicular to lighting instruments)

Spilman Technical Form

This completed form must be returned to your Event Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your event in order for our team to fulfill the needs of your event.

Stage Needs: Please fill in all that apply.

Choir: Chair risers are available for up to 150 people
64 stage inputs and 8 monitor mixes available
Band: Instruments for your event can be rented through your Event Coordinator. If renting equipment please let us know 16 days in advance.
Please send in any Input List, Stage Plot, and Tech Rider the band may have.
The use of all audio visual equipment in Spilman Auditorium is $250 per day and includes all necessary audio visual technicians. Any technician required to stay after quiet hours will be charged at $50 per person, per hour. Please contact A/V Conference Services to discuss your audio visual needs.

Use of Spilman Auditorium requires an Audiovisual technician at $250.00 per day.


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