Lambdin Auditorium & Classrooms


Auditorium: 450 capacity, chair seating
Classrooms: 4 rooms, capacity 36-50 each

Lambdin is a perfect venue when your group wants some great sound. Located behind the Spilman facilities, Lambdin’s recently-remodeled interior is equipped with a digital audio system and widescreen format projection system. Lambdin can be arranged with theater-style seating for up to 450. The stage platform is big enough for a small band, choir and speakers. This facility also includes 4 adjacent breakout rooms, which can hold 36-50 people each. Lambdin is perfect for event planners who want all of their space in one building and prefer a more private, intimate setting for their event. Tens of thousands of students recall fond memories made in Lambdin. Your group is about to make even more!


Sound System

Behringer X32 – 32 channels (24 channels on stage)

Stage Monitors:
(8) Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers [Wired] (musicians must supply their own ear buds)

(2) QSC K12
(2) QSC K10
(1) Danley TH-115
Processing Gear:
Built into Behringer X32

Input Devices:
(2) Shure SM87A wireless handheld mics
(2) ULX Headset mics
Wired Microphones: Available upon request

Lighting System

Non-Moving Fixtures:
(4) Blizzard RokBox 5 RGBA W

Lighting System Technical Notes

Our lighting fixtures are set up so that we may effectively serve all events we host. As such, we do not offer an option to move these fixtures.

Video System

(1) Eiki LC-xl-100 (5,000 Lumens)
Native Resolution 1024×768

Switching Gear:
(1) Kramer VP-719XL Switcher/Scaler

Video System Technical Notes

The only input available in this venue is VGA. Other input types can be accommodated with a VGA adapter. Please bring such adapter(s) as needed.

Emergency Situations

In case of power failure, an emergency generator will power a few emergency auditorium lights and exit lights. The generator does not supply electricity to the sound and stage lighting. North Carolina State law requires Event Planners to notify event attendees of the location of emergency exits in their meeting space.

Lambdin 1 A-C Statistics

Stage Area
Full Stage Depth (center edge of stage to back wall) — 16’ 8”
Full Stage Width — 44’ 3”
Height of Stage from Main Floor — 31’
Height of Ceiling from the Stage Floor — 14’
Video Projection Screen Size — 16’ x 9’
Interior Dimensions of Auditorium — 88’ 6” x 73’
Seating Capacity — 450

Lambdin Technical Form

This completed form must be returned to your Event Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your event in order for our team to fulfill the needs of your event.

Stage Needs: Please fill in all that apply.

24 stage inputs and 8 Avioms available
Band: Instruments for your event can be rented through your Event Coordinator. If renting equipment please let us know 16 days in advance.
Please send in any Input List, Stage Plot, and Tech Rider the band may have.
Projection: It is our understanding that you will supply a computer.


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