Johnson Spring Auditorium

Ridgecrest’s Flagship Meeting Facility — Johnson Spring


Ballroom: 500 capacity
Boardroom: 1 room, seating for 12
Classrooms: 5 to 23 rooms based on desired partition usage

Located in the heart of Ridgecrest Conference Center, Johnson Spring is our flagship meeting facility, providing various meeting options for your large or small group. This 46,250 square foot state-of-the-art facility gives meeting planners the utmost flexibility to ensure a successful meeting, convention, or retreat. Johnson Spring connects our campus with covered walkways and elevators for easy access between sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and the dining room.

Johnson Spring 2 A-C

Sound System

Midas M32

Mix LR: Main LR Outputs
Bus 1-5  – FOH Monitoring Sends
Bus 13-16 – FX
M/C – Subs

Stage Monitors:
Wedges Available Upon Request
(5) Monitor Mixes Total
(3) Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 Systems

We have two monitor channels and three In-ear monitors that can be simultaneously used 

Main Fills: LR (4) EAW NT29
Sub Woofers: (2) EAW NT22

Processing Gear:
Floor Position: Digital signal processing is supplied via the Midas M32.

Input Devices:
(4) Shure ULX Series Wireless Handhelds
(2) Shure ULX Series Wireless Body Packs
Wired Microphones: Other types are available upon request.

Johnson Spring 2 A-C has a total of 16 inputs supplied via the Behringer S16 digital stage box at the stage. Local inputs are supplied at Front of House.

Lighting System

LSC Stage Setter 8 Channel with DMX Wireless Transmitter

Non-moving Fixtures:
(3) ETC Source Four Pars
(3) Rockville ROCKPar 50
(4) Amercian DJ MEGA Par Profile

(1) Leprecon ULD-360-HP with Wireless DMX Receiver

Lighting System Technical Notes:

Our lighting fixtures are set up so that we may effectively serve all events we host. As such, we do not offer an option to move these fixtures.

Video Systems

DVS Optic-3X LED wall with a resolution of 1880×600

Switching Gear:
(1) Kramer VP-734 Scaler/Switcher

Emergency Situations

In case of power failure, an emergency generator will power a few emergency auditorium lights, exit lights and stairwell lights only. The generator does not supply electricity to the sound and stage lighting. North Carolina State law requires Event Planners to notify event attendees of the location of emergency exits in their meeting space.

Johnson Spring 2 A-C Statistics

Interior Dimensions (rear wall to backstage wall x sidewall to sidewall) — 120’ x 68’
Ceiling Height (from main floor – average) — 12’
Seating Capacity (depends on room set-up) — 400 – 600

Stage Area
Height of Stage from Main Floor — 2’
Stage Ceiling Height — 10’
Video Projection Screen Size (2) — 9’ H x 12’ W
Portable Staging (9 pieces) — 12’ x 24’

Johnson Spring Technical Form

This completed form must be returned to your Event Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your event in order for our team to fulfill the needs of your event.

Stage Needs: Please fill in all that apply.

16 digital total stage inputs and 5 monitor mixes available
Band: Instruments for your event can be rented through your Event Coordinator. If renting equipment please let us know 16 days in advance.
Please send in any Input List, Stage Plot, and Tech Rider the band may have.
Projection: It is our understanding that you will supply a computer.


Johnson Spring Program Office

Johnson Spring Classroom

Photo Gallery

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