How do we indicate special dietary requirements?
You can let us know of any special needs when you register, or shoot an email to We will let you know if we are able to provide for your request.

Can we request a cabin and family we’d like to be close to while registering?
You can let us know if you have a particular cabin you would like when you enroll. We can’t guarantee specific cabins, but we will try and accommodate your request.

Can we engage with other families? What social distancing rules may we have to observe?
We are still determining what our COVID guidelines will be and they may change depending on when you are joining us. We will let you know more specifics as we get closer to your arrival date.

Can we stay in our own lodging in the area and just come to camp for meals and activities? If so, is the rate the same?
You are welcome to stay in your own lodging in the area, but you would still pay the same rate as guests that are staying with us.

What age and height restrictions are on activities?
A few of the activities will have some restrictions for safety reasons, but everyone can be a part of most activities.

Will any activities have an additional fee?
There will be some special add-ons that are optional and may require an additional fee.

Can older siblings be considered a parent/guardian?
No, children must be accompanied to activities by a parent.

Will childcare be available?
We may offer an add-on where childcare is available if mom and dad want to go into Black Mountain or Asheville for an evening away, but childcare, in general, is not provided by our staff.

Does it matter what day of the week we show up/leave?
No, you can begin your stay with us on any day of the week, and leave on any day, with a three-night minimum stay.

Will we be able to go to a different property than the one where our lodging is located?
Absolutely! In fact, our guests are encouraged to visit all three properties and take advantage of the different activities and meals offered at all locations. These options will vary and will be made available closer to your arrival date.

How far is each of the three properties from one another?
Camp Ridgecrest and Camp Crestridge are about 1 mile apart. Ridgecrest Conference Center is in between the two camps but it borders Camp Crestridge. For the most part, you should expect to use your vehicle to travel between the three properties.

How will I move between properties?
We suggest using your personal vehicle to travel between our three properties. They are about 1 mile apart, and parking is provided at all locations. You should expect a slight walk to and from your vehicle, as we like to “hide” our guest vehicles to preserve the beautiful landscape. Camp will not provide transportation between properties.