We are still determining what our COVID guidelines will be and they may change depending on when you are joining us. We will let you know more specifics as we get closer to your arrival date.

The Endless Family Adventure Package is only available for our guests that are staying on campus. 

A few of the activities will have some restrictions for safety reasons, but everyone can be a part of most activities.

No, all the activities are included in the weekend adventure package price.

No, children must be accompanied to activities by a parent.

Childcare is not provided by our staff.

The activities are only offered Friday evening – Sunday morning. However, you can extend your stay and enjoy extra time at Ridgecrest on your own. 

Ridgecrest Conference Center borders Camp Crestridge. You should expect to use your vehicle to travel between the two properties.You should expect a slight walk to and from your vehicle, as we like to “hide” our guest vehicles to preserve the beautiful landscape. Camp will not provide transportation between properties.