Great Staff Retreats = Great Organizations!

Staff Retreats are great opportunities to take a look back, plan for the future and continue growth in an organization as well as create a stronger team.

Organizing a retreat is a big responsibility. Here are some ideas to make your retreat a success.

  • Select your site with care. The best way to reduce distractions is to host your retreat away from your organization.
  • Distribute your vision for the organization with a list of objectives and issues for the retreat ahead of time to give your team plenty of time to prepare and get their creativity flowing.
  • For larger organizations, involving others in the planning process is a great way to develop future leaders.
  • Don’t do all the talking, encourage everyone to participate.
  • Include some fun activities to encourage bonding as a team and a celebration at the end.
  • Allow enough time between activities for discussion.

Staff Retreats can give a powerful boost to the spirit and effectiveness of any group.

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2 thoughts on “Great Staff Retreats = Great Organizations!”

  1. I am always so grateful for the helpful tips and encouragement for my organization. Thank you for helping us to advance the Kingdom of God.

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