The Premise

This event will be a guided intensive where all participants have the opportunity to practice what they’re learning under experienced team leaders. During these four days writers can expect:

  • classroom instruction time
  • private writing time
  • critique time

Your trail guides are bestselling authors Edie Melson and DiAnn Mills. Through small group mentoring and one on one appointments with each instructor, we will answer questions, teach, and guide you through the adventure of novel writing.


These are scheduled times when you can sit down with DiAnn and Edie to discuss your specific situation. You do not have to pay for these appointments or sign up for them before you arrive at the conference. 

In the meantime, consider what you need help with and make a list of questions. Edie and DiAnn will also have several Q and A sessions scheduled. In addition, they’ll be available to sit with for lunch and dinner.


Conference attire is business casual/casual. This isn’t a conference where attendees will be pitching editors and agents, so casual attire is acceptable. Remember, there is a lot of walking up and down hills, so be sure to pack comfortable shoes.