Royal Gorge

Ridgecrest Royal Gorge — Youth Housing


Royal Gorge is part of Ridgecrest’s youth housing facilities, located on the eastern side of campus. Along with Woodland and Maple, 64 guest rooms house over 1,000 youth and leaders, with each room housing ten to twelve guests. Private bathrooms are a plus, offering two lavatories, two showers and two sinks for each room. Royal Gorge is a short walk to the ARC and is within walking distance to Ridgecrest’s meeting spaces, dining areas, recreational facilities, several fire rings and Woodland Green.

Accommodation Type: Youth Housing
Room Count: 64 rooms
Bed Count: 752 beds
Format: Bunk beds



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Psalm 72:3

May the mountains bring well-being to the people and the hills, righteousness.
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