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Our expert Sales Team is committed to working with your ministry to make your upcoming event the best it can be for you and your attendees. Ridgecrest Event Coordinators can assist you in all areas of planning your event from audiovisual requests, catering and pricing to conference room and auditorium set-up requirements and more. Your assigned Event Coordinator will be your primary contact once your agreement is assigned with the Conference Center and is the go-to person for all details concerning your event.

Sales Team

Ridgecrest - Melissa Inman

Melissa Inman

Director of Sales & Marketing
(828) 669.3596
Ridgecrest - Angela Beattie

Angela Beattie

Sales Representative
(828) 669.3585
Josh Ellis Sales

Josh Ellis

Sales Representative
(828) 669.3594
Ridgecrest - Annette Frisby

Annette Frisby

Sales Representative
(828) 669.3593
Ridgecrest - Lindsay Toole

Lindsay Toole

Sales Representative
(828) 669.3588

Deanna Ashcraft

Event Planner
(828) 669.3592

Event Coordinators Team

Ridgecrest - Rose Verlander

Rose Verlander

Event Coordination Manager
(828) 669.3760
Ridgecrest - Caroline Nethery

Caroline Nethery

Event Coordinator
(828) 669.4843
Ridgecrest - Gabe Presnell

Gabe Presnell

Event Coordinator
(828) 669.3761

Psalm 90:2

Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from eternity to eternity, you are God.
Ornament Scripture

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