"His counselors were the most memorable aspect.  He has young men he could look up to.  This was a monumental time for his spiritual development.  He more comfortably talks about Jesus and his relationship with God."

"Camp has been an integral part of his maturity and self-awareness.  He has set goals for himself, he has failed and he has succeeded, and he has learned to deal with both in stride." 

"He benefited from unplugging from technology and learning how to build relationships with his bunkmates and counselors." 

"We were so impacted by our sessions, but also by the beautiful grounds, volunteers, Clouds coffee shop, and the responsiveness of everyone to our needs."

"The conference was so refreshing. Thank you for hosting us. Your ministry is a huge part of that refreshment."

"The conference was impactful, but your staff helped deepen that impact." 

"The environment and hospitality provided at Ridgecrest cannot be found elsewhere."

"She really grew in her relationship with God.  She also was pushed outside of her comfort zone with skills she chose, and she enjoyed that.  She made great friends and enjoyed all of her cabin group." 

"She suffers from anxiety - particularly social anxiety.  Camp is a place (that is not home) where she feels most herself.  She loves the nurturing and caring environment.  The kindness of camp produced such a calm in her overall demeanor.  It is her happy place!" 

"She was challenged in healthy ways and supported by both her peers and the staff." 

"She came back a bit more independent, open to trying new things, and made new friends that she looks forward to keeping in touch with."