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Effective May 28, 2019, Ridgecrest Conference Center and Camps will no longer grant limited seasonal exceptions to allow members of the general public (e.g., non-guests) to utilize Ridgecrest property. For more information, see FAQ’s below.

Our primary purpose is the safety and security of our guests, team members and campus. This will enable us to more effectively monitor activities and people on our campus. While some individuals have respected and adhered to our campus visitation rules and policies, others have failed to do so (e.g., speeding, littering, alcohol consumption and so forth.) Thank you for understanding.

Yes. Ridgecrest Conference Center and Camps are (and have always been) private property.

Yes, but only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday—Friday, and please be prepared to show your ID to our gatehouse personnel. As always, you are welcome to make payments online or by mail.

  • I once worked at Ridgecrest (former summer staffers).
  • I once stayed at Ridgecrest.
  • I’m interested in holding an event at Ridgecrest.
  • I have a friend or family member staying at Ridgecrest.
  • I’ve heard about Ridgecrest and always wanted to see it.

We’d love you to visit! If interested in doing so, please follow these guidelines:

  • The best initial step is to contact Ridgecrest ahead of time (ideally, at least a week prior). We prefer email (, but you can also call our reservations office at 1.800.588.7222. Please include visitor name(s), desired date, and approximate time of visit, as well as any additional helpful information (“I’d like to visit Jane Doe, who will be attending the ‘The Cross of Grace event”). We’ll reply to confirm whether it’s ok to visit that date/time. (NOTE: The security requirements of some events prevent non-guests from being on campus.) We’ll then provide your information to safety personnel at our gatehouse so they will expect your arrival.
  • If you drop in without contacting us beforehand, please understand you might not be able to access campus at that time. We don’t want you to be surprised or disappointed, so please contact us ahead of time following the guidelines above.

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